Links of the week: 5 March

Ideas from the intersection of design, brand and technology

Streaming done differently: Disney Plus is outmanoeuvring Netflix, Amazon Prime et al by diverging from what had been considered the new way of doing business. (£)

Paying for news: A good write up from Ben Evans on the subject, through the lens of the current tussle in Australia with Facebook and Google

“The meatball” vs “the worm”: A short look into NASA’s two logos, how they came about and what they say about NASA (£)

Buy fonts save lives: A lovely initiative set up to raise money for cancer charities

Overhauling classical music’s image: You may have seen San Francisco Symphony’s new look a few weeks ago, which injects a bit of energy and modernity into the classical music scene with its expressive typography. The Symphosizer is a fun accompaniment to it — a sound activated typographical instrument — and enables you to create your own typographic art. And on the subject, Nomad, a contemporary classical music imprint, has a new identity, which has been beautifully done.

Fancy a drink with Don Draper? In an attempt to create a bit more of a buzz in what these days are fairly empty, socially distanced, restaurants, Peter Luger is filling up its New York dining room with wax figures from Madam Tussaud’s.

Lastly — open a new window somewhere in the world.

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